Two strings and a voice, warmly welcome you to enjoy music from Kusimantistan....


...the ancestral home of choral delights, glamourous gusto, and fearless finesse, where odd meters are squared and yodels are funkified. You know: Kusimantistan, where the whole world finds a home; where joy meets twirl, where groove and the art of counterpoint fall madly in love with each other, jamming happily ever after.
In 2014, the three jazz musicians formed Die Kusimanten and began touring around the globe together, encountering foreign fragrances and novel sounds, alien tongues and exotic sights - all of which reverberate in their music. Their songs celebrate life and laughter, trumpets and tomatoes, blue trees and black seas. 
Hear Marie-Theres Härtel’s down-to-earth, inventive viola, Tamara Lukasheva’s colorful, irresistible vocals, and Susanne Paul’s vibrant, virtuoso cello joining forces to perform the greatest gems of Kusimantical music with infectious exuberance - haute couture for your ears.

Marie-Theres Härtel — Viola, Voice
Susanne Paul — Cello, Voice
Tamara Lukasheva — Singing