Tamara Lukasheva Quartet


The Tamara Lukasheva Quartet was founded in Cologne in 2010

New German Jazz Prize Mannheim 2017 ( Neuer Deutscher Jazz Preis Mannheim 2017)

“Keep an Eye Jazz Awards Amsterdam 2015”, 2nd Prize

Young German Jazz Prize Osnabrück 2014 (Junger Deutscher Jazz Preis Osnabrück 2014)

The very special thing about this band is its polystylistic blend of international influences. Compositions of Tamara, bandleader and singer, organically combine different styles, musical  languages and genres to become a new style.

There is no use in comparing this music, or try boxing it in genre-wise, as we normally do when we want to describe music. Of course, each member of the quartet has gone through an in-depth jazz education, but the goal of the band isn’t copying but creating its own, recognizable language. Each song is a story, and each time it’s a little bit different. You can find your own connection or association with something you’ve heard before, but for each person it will be different.

We use old knowledges in a new way.

Our conception – no conception, no rules, only music with all it’s power and beauty.

Line Up

  • Tamara Lukasheva - Gesang
  • Sebastian Scobel - Piano
  • Jakob Kühnemann - Kontrabass
  • Dominik Mahnig - Schlagzeug