”The most striking new discovery and incredible talent I’ve recently come across. Her vocal clarity and theatricality are both innovative and mesmerizing, balancing between infantilism and a fully mature psycho-drama.”Homebridge” album os both congenial and breathtaking” Gred Drygala, Hifi Critic.


Hifi Review

WOW!!! What a nice review in HiFi magazine from Greg Drygala!
My favourite sentence is ” Her vocal clarity and theatricality are both innovative and mesmerising, balancing between infantilism and a fully mature psycho-drama.”


New Year -New Music!

”It doesn’t matter how slow you go, as long as you don’t stop”

We’ve been working hard in 2018, so you could enjoy new music in 2019. My second quartet CD is going to be released on the 25th of January and I’m so proud to present it on one of the best Jazz Labels in Germany – Traumton Label. I’ve started writing music in 2017 in Switzerland, Bern and continued producing in Germany, Cologne and Bonn.

Very grateful to everybody, who was involved in the process – Nico Raschke, recording, mixing and mastering, Taisija Chernishova- a multi-talented person, who did my photos, Denis Hölscher and Florian Favre for CD design and of course my band – Sebastian Scobel, Jakob Kühnemann and Dominik Mahnig for enormous patience and willing to do their best.

More information about CD coming soon, but you can already take a look here

Here is some short presentation about the music I do, made by Lina Siekmann, Miriam and Christian. Many thanks to Stadt Köln and Horst und Gretl Will Stipendium for making this real. It’s an honour, which I appreciate very much!
Upright is slightly out of tune, but it’s real 😉


Horst und Gretl Will Stipendium für Jazz/ Improvisierte Musik Stadt Köln 2018

Great news! This year I had the honour to be chosen as a medalist for a Horst und Gretl Will Stipendium for Jazz and Impovising Music in Cologne City. It is only one lucky person every year and I’m so grateful to be on the list now, among such incredible musicians as Niels Klein, Hayden Chisholm, Pablo Held, Florian Ross, Lucas Leidinger, Filippa Gojo and my duo partner Dominik Mahnig!    18

Although this song was written long ago, it was never recorded. So I thought it’s a good time to freeze it in digital waves and vibrations. Hope you enjoy!

This song is a dedication to all those thousand and thousand years our souls have been thought.Lest we forget how connected and strong together we are.