Duo Lit Review in Jazzthing!

What an amazing review of the new CD by duo Lit! Many thanks to Uli Lemke!

”The boundless vocal fantasies of the Odessa native from Cologne, her impressive percussive onomatopoeia and her playful joke find a counterpart in the art of the drummer, which acts as an atmospheric projection screen, a roaring counterpart as well as an equal partner in dialogue. The change from composed themes to improvised dialogue succeeds completely effortlessly and excitingly, and so confidently wanders the duo of wide-ranging soundscapes to surprisingly song-like themes, that one would like to celebrate here a discovery of the year.”

And for German-speaking audience to read here




New CD is out now!!!

Please, welcome to the family! New duo CD with incredible Dominik Mahnig is out now!It’s just Drums and Voice (some toys too) Fewer instruments, but lots of music! You can order it online at our label

Or just leave a message to me and you’ll get it signed.


Duo Lukasheva/Mahnig

The voice and the drums, the ancienst music intruments in a humanity. Power and beauty in simplicity. The music, that you hear without it’s being completely played. How far can it go? How much you have music inside yourself? At least, you’re finding out, everything is music in the world, every sound, no matter it’s beautiful, it’s perfect or it’s horrible, it’s frightning. Dominik Mahnig and Tamara Lukasheva telling their own stories, improvising reacting on each other, as much, as playing strong developed written compositions. Be prepaired for a jorney inside the world of natural sounds.