Here is our brand new quartet video! It took almost a year to make it and what an amazing experience we had!

Many thanks to Dominik Rivola, a man who made this happen. It is also a song from our new CD, that you can find on iTunes



Duo Lit Review in Jazzthing!

What an amazing review of the new CD by duo Lit! Many thanks to Uli Lemke!

”The boundless vocal fantasies of the Odessa native from Cologne, her impressive percussive onomatopoeia and her playful joke find a counterpart in the art of the drummer, which acts as an atmospheric projection screen, a roaring counterpart as well as an equal partner in dialogue. The change from composed themes to improvised dialogue succeeds completely effortlessly and excitingly, and so confidently wanders the duo of wide-ranging soundscapes to surprisingly song-like themes, that one would like to celebrate here a discovery of the year.”

And for German-speaking audience to read here




Horst und Gretl Will Stipendium für Jazz/ Improvisierte Musik Stadt Köln 2018

Great news! This year I had the honour to be chosen as a medalist for a Horst und Gretl Will Stipendium for Jazz and Impovising Music in Cologne City. It is only one lucky person every year and I’m so grateful to be on the list now, among such incredible musicians as Niels Klein, Hayden Chisholm, Pablo Held, Florian Ross, Lucas Leidinger, Filippa Gojo and my duo partner Dominik Mahnig!    18


Neuer Deutscher Jazzpreis 2017

On the 07. and 08. of april 2017 the IG Jazz Rhein-Neckar e. V. awarded the “Neuen Deutschen Jazzpreis” for the 12th time. After four nice concerts in the venue “Alten Feuerwache” in Mannheim, the listeners finally awarded the first price to the Tamara Lukasheva Quartet. I also won the solist price myself, what a night!